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Your Mission Statement and Why it Matters

What is your mission statement? Why does it matter? What does it have to do with social media for nonprofit organizations? Discussion about the mission statements of nonprofit organizations might seem to be a little bit lofty for a guy that helps NGOs with their social media strategy. We don’t see a lot of social media activity around missions, purposes,…

Nonprofits and Social Media

Should Social Media Play a Part in your Nonprofit? With the proliferation of social media platforms, and their growing importance as marketing and communication tools for businesses and professionals, this question is being asked by the leadership of most nonprofits today. So, what is the answer? Let’s begin with the short answer: Now that the question has been answered, let’s talk…

instagram logo

Instagram Marketing for Organizations

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today. It has hundreds of millions of users, and its acquisition by Facebook, makes it doubly attractive as a marketing platform. But is it the right platform for your nonprofit organization? Is it the right platform for your organization? Instagram should be included, or prioritized, in your social media…

The Secret to Successful Blogging

Every successful blogger knows that there is one secret factor that every successful blog shares. No blog can succeed without knowing this secret. So, What’s the big secret? Well, I’m going to share it with you now, so that you too will be “in on it”. The secret consists of only a single word. DISCIPLINE. Discipline, or more accurately, self-discipline,…

Content curation curator

Content Curation: 7 Steps to Success

What is content curation, and why should you care? What is curation: Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. ~ EContent Magazine In the world of blogging, content curation is the artful use of other people’s content, to provide value to your readers, while simultaneously providing value to the originator…

Social media channels

Choosing (Social Media) Channels

Choosing the social media channels that will work best for your business is a tough choice. For the largest of businesses, the choice is actually easier than it is for smaller, entrepreneurial enterprises. The big boys have only once choice – participate in everything! But for those of us with more limited resources, it can be a bit more complicated;…

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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Social Media and the Entrepreneur For the entrepreneur, solopreneur, or sole practitioner, it often seems that business life is divided into two phases. Either we have a lot of work (and sometimes money) but zero time – or – we don’t have enough work or money to invest in marketing initiatives (like social media) that will bring in more money.…


Jobseeking and Blogging

There is a lot to think about while we are looking for a job. Jobseeking is a tough job. It’s a world of resumes and rejection letters, of occasional interviews, and too much insecurity—and too many “helpful” people offering too much “useful” advice! For most people, social media seems to serve mostly as a time wasting distraction from the real…