Month: August 2017

Facebook Sign - should your nonprofit, ngo, or charitable organization be using Facebook?

Solopreneurs – Is Facebook Right for your Business?

If you are a solopreneur, or self-employed professional, you’ve probably considered using Facebook as a marketing tool. But is it the right tool for your business or professional practice? Let’s start with the benefits of Facebook. Nearly everyone you know has a Facebook profile Nearly everyone you know uses Facebook daily It follows that every one that will use your…

solopreneur working from home

Solopreneur? 4 Reasons to Manage your own Social Media

Soloprenuers and other self-employed professionals, like real estate agents, b2b consultants, lawyers, accountants, dentists, and ADR professionals, often feel themselves to be in a bit of a bind when it comes to social media marketing management. It can be hard to find time for social media, not every entrepreneur feels like information technology is a core competency (or necessity), and…

Reviewing job seekers resumes at ye olde workplace

LinkedIn Jobseeking

Are you job seeking, job hunting, searching for jobs? If so, then LinkedIn should be your new best friend. But there is a lot more to LinkedIn Jobseeking than just clicking on the “Jobs” link and searching for work in your desired field and location. Start Early What does “early” look like. Let me put it this way… if you…

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