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Many different kinds of spam

You Should Care About Link Spam

What is Link Spam? Link spam is defined as links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit. Link spam takes advantage of link-based ranking algorithms, which gives websites higher rankings the more other highly ranked websites link to it. ~ Wikipedia Everyone wants their web pages to rank highly in search engines. An entire industry (SEO) has grown specifically around optimizing web pages to rank higher in…

Dot Com, Dot U S, Dot C A, or Dot Net, Org, Co, etc.?

It is pretty well established that for most blogs and websites, most of the time, the “dot com” Domain Name suffix (TLD; Top Level Domain) is preferable to all others. There are a few circumstances where a country code TLD is preferred, but even then, it is always advisable to secure the .com extension too. But what happens when you can’t…

Getting ready to blog? How much should it cost?

How Much Should a Blog Cost?

I suspect that if you are reading this post, you’ve begun researching this question. I also suspect you may be pretty confused by now at the range of prices you’ve seen! Setting up, and maintaining a blog can literally cost zero dollars. I’ve also seen articles by very reputable organizations, that suggest you need to spend about $20,000 a MONTH…

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