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Facebook Sign - should your nonprofit, ngo, or charitable organization be using Facebook?

Solopreneurs – Is Facebook Right for your Business?

If you are a solopreneur, or self-employed professional, you’ve probably considered using Facebook as a marketing tool. But is it the right tool for your business or professional practice? Let’s start with the benefits of Facebook. Nearly everyone you know has a Facebook profile Nearly everyone you know uses Facebook daily It follows that every one that will use your…

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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Social Media and the Entrepreneur For the entrepreneur, solopreneur, or sole practitioner, it often seems that business life is divided into two phases. Either we have a lot of work (and sometimes money) but zero time – or – we don’t have enough work or money to invest in marketing initiatives (like social media) that will bring in more money.…


Jobseeking and Blogging

There is a lot to think about while we are looking for a job. Jobseeking is a tough job. It’s a world of resumes and rejection letters, of occasional interviews, and too much insecurity—and too many “helpful” people offering too much “useful” advice! For most people, social media seems to serve mostly as a time wasting distraction from the real…

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Social Media Marketing: DIY or Paid Professionals?

Do it yourself, or pay a professional? The question comes up every day for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs. For most people, most of the time, the answer is relatively straightforward. Unless you have expertise in the task that needs to be accomplished, it’s better to pay a professional. But when it comes to social media marketing, the answer can be less straightforward.…

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Social Media Account Management

What is “Social Media Account Management”? Essentially, a social media account manager, or management service, looks after the social media needs of an organization. That service comes at a cost to the organization, and will nearly always include at least Twitter and Facebook. Larger organizations will have greater needs, and specialized organizations will have special needs. The following quote offers…

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