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Solopreneur? 4 Reasons to Manage your own Social Media

Soloprenuers and other self-employed professionals, like real estate agents, b2b consultants, lawyers, accountants, dentists, and ADR professionals, often feel themselves to be in a bit of a bind when it comes to social media marketing management. It can be hard to find time for social media, not every entrepreneur feels like information technology is a core competency (or necessity), and…

Getting ready to blog? How much should it cost?

How Much Should a Blog Cost?

I suspect that if you are reading this post, you’ve begun researching this question. I also suspect you may be pretty confused by now at the range of prices you’ve seen! Setting up, and maintaining a blog can literally cost zero dollars. I’ve also seen articles by very reputable organizations, that suggest you need to spend about $20,000 a MONTH…

Social Media and the Solopreneur

As a solopreneur (solo + entrepreneur = solopreneur), you know that your business success depends a lot on your marketing. And by now you’re probably aware that social media offers a great way to market your services. Except that, as a solopreneur, you’re too freaking busy working on your business to actually find to time to market it online! So,…

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